Accomplishments & Badges

In todays tech based world, companies are using analytics more than ever. In one area where analytics have not been used as seldom is the employee hiring process, where in its traditional format is very unscientific.

As more and more jobs are steered into cloud based systems, companies are also taking the opportunity to measure employees beyond an interview and a resume. Employers are looking for quantitative ways of measuring skills set. As a result the resume in todays contexts will be soon secondary. Candidates will need to brand themselves and their skill set to match company needs. The rise of professional training sites and recent purchase of for $1.5 billion by LinkedIn, show the employment trends that will affect your career.


Dont be left behind; Candidate branding is not just for candidates starting their careers or older candidates trying to show that they have kept up with the times. It will be a norm of the hiring process soon, displaying your career growth, achievements, and specific skills set values.


Dont tell companies you are a master, Show them ! So they can hire in confidence.

Its simple and many times, it just takes a little time. Put in the time and see the fruits of your labor as you watch your career open up to new opportunities, a salary which you desire and a position fitted to your strengths and likes.

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What are certifications? Different industries require licenses, and trade certifications which are also your accomplishments. They can be a Real Estate License, Cloud IT Certification, or you can be Quickbooks Certified ! You can also use your certifications you have earned from online courses through or Coursera. They can range from Excel testing, IT based, or Application Certifications. Dont tell employers, show them !

This is how you can place your certifications and badges on your candidate profile. Once you have gathered all of your supporting documents or possibly links; contact your Personal Counselor via email and provide your documents. Our Counselors will verify the information you provide and add your accomplishments to your Candidate Profile. You can find your Personal Counselor Info located on your Candidate Menu page

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Work Product / Work Portfolio

An online portfolio provides a way to reveal your credentials to the world. It allows you to package the best evidence of your candidacy for employment and find relativity with your employer, providing documents such as design work, artwork, reports, lesson plans, transcripts, certifications, articles, spreadsheets, or what fits in the frame of your industry and more in a form easily accessible via the Internet if possible.

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Letters of Recommendations

Reference letters give future employers a way to gain insight into a candidate’s background and capabilities. A solid, well-written letter gives a potential employer more information than they would normally obtain by simply calling the company’s human resources department. The key to getting a great letter about your past performance starts with asking the writer to provide the letter a couple of months before you actually need it.

A good lettter of recommendation includes; Endorsement, Qualifications, Personal Qualities, and Perception.


Career skills to jumpstart your future.