To Understand Our Services

Multipale studies have shown that an average job seeker will take 3 month to find the right opportunity, studies have also shown that as salaries go beyond $60,000, the amount of time to find the right opportunity will also increase anywhere from 6-8 months.

The average job seeker spends about an hour per day looking for jobs. In a 3 month span thats 90 hours of searching alone !

Studies also find that over 65% of all available jobs are not posted and in one hour the average job seeker response to only between 10-12 listings per day..

By increasing the number of responses, we can also decrease the amount of time needed to find the right job and exposing the candidate to more opportunities allows them to find the right opportunity and be able to negotiate a salary from a position of strength. As studies show that an average employee loses over $500,000 by the age of 60 because they do not negotiate their salary.

Employers on average receive over 200 applications, the first response being in the first 200 seconds; of which 15% of the candidates are interviewed. Its simple, by getting in front of more hiring managers, you increase your chances of getting your next job.